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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun, the Fair & Feeling My Age

Personal Weather Report - Cloudy with a few sprinkles after receiving some contest feedback.

Writing Activity - Making progress on the revision of Love in Bloom, one of the two manuscripts that finaled in the Romance Writers of America® 2008 Golden Heart® contest.

"Spinning rides and cotton candy." That's what I used to answer when asked what I liked best about the county fair. I had a cast iron stomach in earlier days, er, make that decades. I could consume the fluffy treat before the rides, no problem.

These days I leave the midway madness to my seventeen-year-old. She inherited my pre-pregnancy ability to withstand countless revolutions on the Tilt-a-Whirl or Scrambler, although she considers them tame, preferring rides that go upside down and backward, preferably at high speed. If I so much as walk by one of the rides that used to leave me with a delicious giddy sensation, I'm reminded of the nine and a half months of morning sickness I endured while carrying her and experience a disturbing queasy feeling.

Our county fair took place this week, and my family spent the afternoon
of opening day making the rounds. I didn't even set foot on the midway. Touring the main exhibition hall, watching our daughter perform in an American Idol-style competition and downing two delicious tacos with pan-fried shells dripping with grease made me happy. Pretty lame, I know, but consuming that much fat and cholesterol in one sitting is a rare treat these days. My digestive system ain't what it used to be.

At six o'clock, my husband and I prepared to leave the fair. Our daughter headed off with a fistful of ride tickets to hook up with her friend. I made a mad dash back to one booth that had caught my eye. A local couple produces a series of excellent books on the history of California's Gold Country, and they just put out a new volume on Sacramento. Since I write historical inspirational romance, the book was a must-have.

Breathless, I bounded onto the shuttle after my sprint clutching my treasure to my pounding chest, dropped into a padded seat and laughed at myself. Who, but an aging romance writer, would consider buying a research book the best part of visiting the county fair? In my own unique way I had fun at the fair despite feeling my age.

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