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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Having Fun on Facebook

Facebook. The word meant nothing to me just a few months ago. And now? Well, I'm hooked.

When I finaled in the Golden Heart® and crept out of the cave in which I'd been cloistered the previous two years, I discovered a whole new world. Cyberspace.

Oh, I'd used the internet to do research for my historical inspirational romances, but I had no idea how to use the web to connect with other writers.

I was invited to join a Yahoo® loop whose members are the 2008 GH finalists. One day a member shared that she was on Facebook and invited us to "friend" her. Having learned that these savvy women were a wealth of information, I decided to see what she was talking about.

In no time I located Facebook, set up an account and learned how to befriend someone. For the first few weeks I had about ten friends--nine fellow finalists and my daughter. I enjoyed playing a couple of games with DD and exchanging a occasional message with a GH pal.

And then I began to receive friend requests from others, people I didn't even know. At first I was hesitant to accept their offers, but then I realized Facebook involves so much more than exchanging messages with people I already know. As a social network, it offers the opportunity to connect with people from across the country and around the world.

As of this point, I have over 160 new friends, many of them writers and authors. As their friend, I can view their profiles, learn more about them and receive periodic updates. I'm in touch with some of the very women who write the books I love to read. Cool!

A side benefit is that I've also connected with relatives and friends with whom I want to keep in contact. Now I can click on their photos in my friends list and drop them a quick message. Plus I get to see photos, including some of my first grandniece, who's a real cutie, btw.

Checking my Facebook page has become a much-anticipated part of my day. If you have an account, I invite you to friend me. Hope to see you there.

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kaye dacus said...

I love Facebook. Like you, I've connected with tons of fellow authors, but I've also connected with some of the younger people in my family. I'm the fourth oldest of 21 grandkids, and I have college-aged step-nephews as well. One of the most important contacts/relationships I've built on Facebook has been with my cousin who's sixteen years younger than me, with whom I'd only exchanged maybe a hello and a goodbye when we'd see each other at Christmas every three or four years. Now we're in touch at least once a day---and his blog is linked on mine!

I do have a tendency to ignore friend requests from people I really don't know, even if we do have multiple "mutual friends." For those I think are writers or are serious about networking, I may contact them first to see how we're connected, but there are some that are coming from people who are just going out there and "friending" everyone so that they have thousands of connections. Not interested, but thanks anyway!