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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to my New Year's Gal

Personal Weather Report - Winds of change.

Writing Activity - New story going very well. Currently at 29,000/60,000 words.

New Year's Day marks a new beginning for many of us, but for me it has even more meaning. On this day eighteen years ago I gave birth to our only child.

As I was wheeled through the hospital in N├╝rnberg, Germany, the nurses running through the corridors en route to the operating room for my emergency Cesarean, I used my halting German to ask if they thought the baby would be born on New Year's Day. Since it was already eleven p.m., they said they didn't think so.

They were wrong.

My doctor lived very close to the German hospital and was waiting for me when my bed on wheels was parked next to the operating table. As I was lifted from one to the other, someone removed my glasses while the anesthesiologist asked me to count backward from ten.

Zehn, neun . . .

I awoke hours later in a dark recovery room without my glasses. A nurse arrived and congratulated me on my daughter. Convinced I was going to have a boy despite inconclusive ultrasound results and yet wanting so much to have a girl, I was thrilled with the news. Still, I was afraid I'd been dreaming or having drug-induced hallucinations.

The next morning my husband arrived with an enormous smile on his face unlike any I've seen since. He assured me I'd heard correctly. We were parents of a healthy baby girl who had arrived at 11:39 p.m. on 1/1/91.

And now, here we are eighteen years later. My daughter and two of her girlfriends are camped in front of the T.V. waiting for the ball to drop, and I'm hiding out behind my computer reminiscing. Tears threaten, but I'll do my best not to embarrass the Fashion Queen.

Happy birthday to a very special young woman, my daughter, my friend.

Love, ya!



Jessica said...

Congrats on your word count! Too cool that she was born on New Years. Why did you have to go to sleep? C-section?
Anyways, she's eighteen now, huh? :-) Hope you all have a lovely day.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Happy birthday do your daughter! I hope she had a great birthday today.

Keli Gwyn said...


Thanks for the cheer on my word count. I'm having such fun writing this story.

Yes, I underwent an emergency C-section since my daughter was twelve days overdue and had become stressed. All went well for both of us.

Thanks, Jessica and Jennifer, for the birthday wishes for my grown-up gal. She had a great time at her slumber birthday party. We took her to Sizzler for dinner tonight where the servers sang, delivered a sundae and popped a coffee filter hat on her head. Silly but fun!

Jessica said...

Oh Man! Twelve days overdue!! That sounds rough.
But you all survived and looks like she's happy and healthy. :-)

Christine said...

I hear ya, we never stop feeling that breathless swoosh of love for them, that we experienced the first time we looked into their eyes.