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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Review of a Great Read: Snow Melts in Spring

Long before I began writing, I was a voracious reader of romances. I still love a great story, and there are many wonderful authors writing them. I invite you to check back on Saturdays when I share my reviews of some books I've enjoyed recently, both historical and contemporary.

The Review

Snow Melts in Spring by Deborah Vogts

Country Gal + City Guy = Conflict

Mattie Evans, a dedicated veterinarian, loves animals, her independence and her beloved Flint Hills of Kansas. Gil McCray, rodeo hero turned football star, headed to California after the death of his brother and has no desire to return to a place filled with painful memories.

When Gil’s favorite horse is injured, he grudgingly makes a visit to his father’s ranch. Sparks fly between Gil and his dad, who’ve been sparring for years, but another kind of spark flares when he meets the spunky vet caring for his four-legged friend. He’s drawn to Mattie as she is to him, but Gil harbors a secret that could change everything. Can he make peace with his past, accept the Lord’s forgiveness and overcome Mattie’s resistance? Can she forgive Gil when she learns the truth and put love of the man before love of the land?

Deborah Vogts has crafted a heartwarming tale in her debut novel, Snow Melts in Spring. I warmed to Mattie from the beginning, grew to like Gil soon after and found myself eager to see them work out their differences. There’s plenty of conflict to move the well-written story along, but it’s tempered by touching scenes that create a pleasing balance. Vogts seamlessly weaves the faith element into her story as both characters endeavor to turn their struggles over to the Lord. I enjoyed my time with Vogts’ characters and look forward to reading the next book in her Seasons of the Tallgrass series.

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Last Week's Winner

Congrats to Susan Hollaway, winner of my gently-read copy of The Reluctant Cowgirl by Christine Lynxwiler.


sherrinda said...

Keli, I've seen this book around and it looks great! What conflict!!! I love an opposites attract kind of book! :)

Keli Gwyn said...

Sherrinda, I think you'd enjoy this story. Deborah writes quite well, the story moves right along and the characters are likable. And there is plenty of conflict, along with a couple of seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

mez said...

I've read quite a bit about Snow Melts in Spring, it sounds complex and touching. Please include me in the drawing, I'd love to win it. Thanks, Keli!


Keli Gwyn said...

Mez, I like discovering new authors, and Deborah is one whose debut novel delivers. The story is definitely touching, and I liked the hero and heroine. Not being a football fan, I wasn't sure how I'd relate to Gil, but he's a sympathetic character. I found myself wanting him to get his happy-ever-after.

Deborah Vogts said...

Thanks so much for the nice review and for all you do, Keli. Best wishes!!!

Karen Lange said...

Great review, thanks for doing it! :)

Keli Gwyn said...

Deborah, it's great to see you here. I enjoyed your book and look forward to the next one.

Karen, thanks for stopping by.

Linda W. said...

I used to be a mystery reader until Margaret Daley told me about ACFW at the MOA in MN in 2008. Now I love inspirational, romance, historical romance. Please enter me. Thanks.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Jo said...

This book sounds great and is one that I have been wanting to read. Please enter me in the drawing.


Keli Gwyn said...

Linda, I'm happy to hear you've discovered the inspirational genre and are enjoying books by great authors of Christian fiction. I had the privilege of dining with Margaret Daley at RWA Nationals in 2008. What a class act she is, as well as being a talented author.

I've got you down for the drawing.

Keli Gwyn said...

Jo, your name will go into the hat. I feel certain whoever wins will enjoy Deborah's story. She writes well.

Keli Gwyn said...

Congratulations to Linda, winner of my gently-read copy of Snow Melts in Spring.