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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Review of a Great Read: The House in Grovenor Square

Long before I began writing, I was a voracious reader of romances. I still love a great story, and there are many wonderful authors writing them. I invite you to check back on Saturdays when I share my reviews of some books I've enjoyed recently, both historical and contemporary.

The Review

The House in Grosvenor Square by Linore Rose Burkard

A Faith-full Regency Romance

I met the charming Ariana Forsythe and her handsome fiancĂ©, Mr. Philip Mornay, aka The Paragon, in Linore Rose Burkard’s debut novel, Before the Season Ends. I was drawn to these characters, enjoyed the bumpy journey they traveled in that book and looked forward to the sequel, The House in Grosvenor Square.

The story picks up with their wedding two weeks away. After all they’ve been through together, Ariana and Mornay hope for time to pass quickly without further incident so they can marry and begin their life together, but troubles plague them. Items from his lovely home go missing--after Ariana’s visits. When she’s taken in an attempted abduction, Mornay vows to find the culprits behind the troubling deeds. He shocks the ton by moving her into his guest room in order to keep her from harm, but he refuses to let the gossipmongers deter his need to protect his beloved.

The House in Grosvenor Square is full of surprises. Burkard kept me reading as I hurried to see Ariana free from danger. However, just as I’d think things were going to improve, along came another hurdle. By the time I neared the end, I stopped looking at the clock or worrying about how tired I’d be the next day because I was eager to see how things worked out.

Once again, Burkard has captured the rich dialogue of the Regency period in an inspirational tale where faith plays a vital role in the characters’ lives. Her attention to detail and historical research enable her to do a wonderful job of depicting the period. The House in Grosvenor Square delivered all it promised. I had a good time visiting my old friends Ariana and Mornay and enjoyed this fast-paced tale of trials overcome and mysteries resolved.

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Jessica said...

I don't usually like to read romance sequels because things just don't seem as juicy when they're already together. LOL I've heard a lot about the first book. Would you say the romance drives this one or the suspense? Just curious. :-)
Either way, I'm looking forward to someday reading her books.

Jody Hedlund said...

Sounds like a great book, Keli! I've heard it mentioned around the blogosphere. I wouldn't mind getting a chance to read it!

Keli Gwyn said...

Jessica, I think the suspense drives this book, although I loved learning more about the hero. There were a couple of scenes with him when I aahed out loud and got that wonderful satisfied feeling.

Keli Gwyn said...

Jody, there has been a lot of buzz about Linore's books. Her style is unlike any other writer I've read recently. She uses omniscient POV, so we get to know more about every character than I'm used to, which is interesting. She's done extensive research and really brings the Regency period to life with her wonderful description.

Keli Gwyn said...

Jody, you will get a chance to read The House in Grosvenor Square because you're this week's winner. Congratulations! I'll get the book on its way to you.